The Centennial of Alfred Hitchcock's birth, August 13, 1999, will be marked by the release of many awaited books, events, and restored Hitchcock films re-released in many formats.


Among the highlights to expect:

NYU's Hitchcock Centennial Conference: visit their Web site for updates.

The Hitchcock 100 Celebration: Organized by Dr. Greg Garrett of Baylor University, Waco Texas.

Multimedia Hitchcock: The innovative DVD ROM, scheduled for completion in 1999.

Dan Auiler's new book on Hitchcock's Notebooks.

Patricia O'Connell's biography on her mother, Alma Reville Hitchcock.

The restoration of Rear Window.

Planned showings of Hitchcock's films: MOMA, American Film Classics, and many other outfits will be running series of his films during this period.


(About the music on this site: These sound clips are selections from Bernard Herrmann's great film music. This page plays the Theme from The Ghost and Mrs. Muir.)

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