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Hitch&Alma is an epic novel spanning seven decades, yet told in the streamlined style of a screenplay. Combining outrageously fictional elements within a highly factual context, this movie-within-movie fable insightfully reveals the hidden meanings found within Hitchcock cinema.

This ground breaking Novel/ Screenplay explores the origins of the subtle autobiography Hitchcock wove into his films. Written originally as a screenplay that was actually considered by Martin Scorsese last year, Schoen has created a virtual movie on paper. Here are but a few of the many of the fascinating topics you'll find covered in


The true motive behind the making of Vertigo.

An exploration of Hitch's dual nature: his devotion to Alma, while having fantasy romances with his leading ladies.

The story behind one of the great collaborations in cinema: Bernard Herrmann and Alfred Hitchcock, and the tragic circumstances that ended it.

Hitchcock's strange London childhood, where as a boy he was "sent to prison" by his father, who died shortly thereafter.

The lasting influence of Hitchcock's mother, a widow who clung tightly to her youngest son Alfred. Was she the prototype for all the recurring possessive mothers found within his films?

The secrets within the Hitchcock household, that reveals Alma's great contribution to the Hitchcock oeuvre. Hitch and Alma, two soulmates who share the same passion for cinema, and the same psychological insights into human nature which brought it about.


Hitch&Alma , a speculative novel written in screenplay format, 210 pages, six photographs and illustration, detailed notes and filmography sections, available from Xlibris Publications (ph.888-7Xlibris) in two formats:

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