Links to other Great Hitchcock Web Sites:

‘The MacGuffin’: THE Hitchcock site, for all serious Hitchcockians. Ken Mogg’s scholarly forum has almost daily updates to his Editor’s page. Great articles by Mogg and other authors, such as Dan Auiler.

The Hitchcock Newsgroup: A mixed bag of postings, but often notable and worthwhile nuggets of news, such as Patricia O’Connell’s recent appearance on an on-line chat group make it a site worth checking.

Wide Screen Vertigo: By far, one of the most beautiful Web sites around. Informative, excellently written, well worth the visit.

North by Northwest Webstudy: This excellent site is a worthy tribute to one of Hitchcock's best. With a shot by shot analysis of the film and lots of background information.

The Greatest Films - (by Tim Dirks) An encyclopedic site on virtually all Hollywood cinema, with a particularly nice treatment on most of Hitchcock's classic films.

Notorious: John Couke's (the Webmaster of Definitive Alfred Hitchcock Links Site) much needed site, paying tribute to one of Hitchcock's all time best, yet often overlooked masterpieces.

Transcript of Ben Hect's Notorious screenplay: This excellent site is very much worthwhile. Notorious is not only one of Hitchcock's best, it is the only of his films which was based on Hitchcock's original story premise.

Alfred Hitchcock and his writers - screenwriter Steven De Rosa's informative new site devoted to exploring the screenwriter collaborators of Hitchcock and his unrealized film projects.

Last Laugh: Was Hitchcock's Masterpiece a Private Joke?: John Locke's wonderful essay explores some of the complexities of Vertigo's hidden meanings.

10 Shades of Noir: Shadow of a Doubt: Great overall site, that should list more Hitchcock. The Shadow of a Doubt section is very well done.

Patrik's Hitchcock Homepage: You'll find production details on practically everything Hitchcock's ever done listed here, particularly the films done for the various Television series. Compiled by a serious film collector.

The Twelve Mile Reef: Bernard Herrmann Online: One of the best sites on the great Hitchcock composer.

The Cat's Lair: Alfred Hitchcock's To Catch a Thief: Matthew Gear, the creator of Twelve Mile Reef, scores big again with this wonderful tribute to the lightest Hitch of all. When I suggested to Matthew that such a big Herrmann fan must have to listen to TCAT with the volume off because of that rotten music, he replied that at least that film's composer, Lyn Murray, was responsible for introducing Hitch to Herrmann for The Trouble With Harry.

Rare Production Photos from Vertigo: A very attractive site by Pascal Montjovent, with a good list of books on Hitchcock.

10 Shades of Noir: Shadow of a Doubt: Great overall site, that should list more Hitchcock. The Shadow of a Doubt section is very well done.

Advertising Hitchcock: A fairly new site, and one of the more interesting ones. Posters from five decades of Hitchcock cinema. Fascinating and truly beautiful site by Martin Dawber.

Alfred Hitchcock Poster Site: Phil Gray has an overall an amazing collection of movie posters and lobby cards, with a particularly wonderful Hitchcock section, that has many different images than Martin's site, listed above.

Alfred Hitchcock's current TV Schedule: With the Centennial around the corner, there's bound to be Hitchcock festivals filling the cable channels, a good time to clean the heads of your VCR: AMC and Arts&Entertainment, and other network schedules available.

These two essays are well worth downloading:

Alfred Hitchcock's Tales of Original Sinners: Hitchcock's Catholicism is discussed in this study of morality and psychology.

Personality, Pathology, and the Art of Creation: The Case of Alfred Hitchcock: A brilliant essay that examines many of the issues brought up in Spoto's Dark Side of Genius. Don't miss this insightful article!

The Psycho Home Page: One of the most artful sites ( with a great moog version of the opening theme) from Bologna, Italy. After you see this site, you’ll know why this country produces such great artists.

The Definitive Hitchcock Link Site: Finally, the link no Hitchcockian should be without. A great place to connect to and check out all the other sites.


(About the music on this site: These sound clips are selections from Bernard Herrmann's great film music. This page plays the Main Title Theme from Obsession.)

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