What if Alfred Hitchcock kept a secret collection of outtakes…
…of incredible variations on his most famous cinematic moments? What if Hitchcock locked these scenes in a private screening room, hidden away even from his wife Alma, because they were too personally revealing?

Hitch&Alma, the new novel by Robert Schoen reveals the hidden meanings and the story behind Hitchcock’s work. This affectionate tribute to the Hitchcocks explores Hitchcock’s indelible partnership with his wife, his fantasy romances with leading ladies Grace Kelly and Tippi Hedren, and the lasting influence of his mother and strange London childhood.


Hitch&Alma is a radically new type of novel, written and beautifully set in a highly readable and true screenplay format - creating a virtual movie on paper. It is an affectionate, yet probing portrait of the Master of Suspense, that has gained the respect of many leading Hitchcock authorities as an original, poignant, and often hilarious exploration into Hitchcock’s unique psychology.

"I enjoyed reading Schoen's (Hitch&Alma) very much. I found it exceptionally sophisticated, witty, and effective." - Martin Scorsese
"Perhaps Robert Schoen should come clean and admit Hitch&Alma is really a fantasy novel POSING as a screenplay. I greatly enjoyed its humour, imagination, boldness and acute insights. The story centers on Hitch’s relations with the women in his life - his wife Alma, his mother, and his leading ladies - all told with a most stimulating mixture of speculation and known fact that often convinced me that Schoen has put his finger on the very truth.

"I rate Schoen’s knowledge and appreciation of Hitchcock’s film highly. Hitch&Alma deserves a big success among Hitch aficionados."

  "I found Hitch&Alma very inventive and a pleasure to read. This will be a must for any Hitchcock fan -- and I hope the beginning of a real exploration of what Alfred and Alma were like as a team." - Dan Auiler, author of The Making of Vertigo, A Hitchcock Classic "As a dyed-in-the-wool Hitchcockian, I found Hitch&Alma absorbing. I applaud Schoen's seriousness of intent and mature appreciation of Hitchcock's work. This marks the first work I've read that attempts to speculate on Hitchcock and Alma's idiosyncratic day-to-day rhythms, tensions, and dynamic. Another plus." -Stephen Rebello, author of The Making of Psycho   Hitch&Alma uniquely combines little known facts, brilliant insight, great humor, and a healthy dose of fantasy to bring to life the drama behind the making of the greatest cinema of all time.  

July 2, 2001, Many thanks to TVOntario for interviewing me in Hollywood on Hitchcock and my book for their upcoming interview segment to be aired next season on "Saturday Night at the Movies," Canada's top rated prime time adult audience program. My interview comments on Hitchcock, his cinema, and his relations with the women in his life will be seen along side of those by his daughter, Pat Hitchcock. It should be interesting!

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